04 Sep

Worship & How to Hear Voice of God- Day 8


So last week we rounded up the 1st part in the 2-part seminar on worship and how to hear the voice of God.  We broke out into discussion groups to answer some questions on worship and also to ask any questions which had arisen in our minds over the course of the days when we delved into how to become a true worshiper.



Our group was given the topic of “What is Worship” and we came up with the following:

1. Worship is a lifestyle

2. Worship is food for God (we don’t want to starve him)

3. Worship is why I was made

4. Worship is sacrifice of our heart (We give up our hearts’ desires)

5. Worship is kissing the feet of Jesus. (We do this as a sign of            humility and to indicate our close presence to God. Feet are used to walk with God and to spread the Gospel.)

6. Worship is a way of lifting up our heart and voices to God. (When it is both it is most effective since singing is praying twice)

7. Worship is humble submission to the Will of God. (Submission can be proud when we do not genuinely submit or when we focus on the letter of the law like the Pharisees)

8. Worship is life itself. {If you don’t worship, you are dead.}

9. Worship is the master key to God’s heart.

10. Worship is the art of paying attention to the Supreme Being.

11. Worship is everything.



1. What are the different ways to engage God?

The speaker referred to a process called spiritual litigation.  Therein, we envisage the presence of God who is the judge, the devil who is the accuser, Jesus who is our advocate and the 24 elders who are witnesses.  We start by asking God for mercy and then we enumerate what the enemy has done in our lives and our responses. The devil then has his opportunity to state his own case against you and then Jesus your advocate states his own case and ends it by bringing the attention to the judge that your sins have been paid by His blood and death on the cross and we are left to seek restoration.

Now imagine doing that each night when we examine our conscience?  Imagine us envisioning this judgement scene and ending the process with a contrite heart seeking restoration based on the blood of Jesus. We can do this when we engage God.

Daniel 10:12 which I had pondered upon brought to mind another way in which we could engage God. Through our ardent desire to seek understanding of Him, God reassures us and reveals Himself to us – “…do not be afraid, for from that first day, when you resolved to acquire understanding and to humble yourself before your God, your supplications were heard…”

The other speaker further elaborated that we can engage God in several other ways such as the following:

  • saying devotional prayers to Him
  • spending quiet time with Him and talking intimately
  • spending time reading the Word of God where rhema will be dropped in your spirit
  • during mass as we concentrate and mean every word we say
  • looking at nature and simply just walking appreciating all created things.


2. Why didn’t John the Baptist recognize Jesus until the dove descended at the River Jordan when he had already leaped for joy from his mother’s womb?

The speaker explained the difference between spiritual awareness and the physical encounter. John the Baptist had been baptised from the womb when he had heard Mary’s words – words from she who was full of grace and full of the Holy Spirit.  It was the utterance of Mary’s greetings in Luke 1:40-41 which activated John the Baptist in Elizabeth’s womb.  He was baptized by the Holy Spirit and this is why he who was baptized from the womb was able to baptize Jesus at the River Jordan.

However, the speaker clarified that this recognition of Jesus from the womb, was only made clear when Jesus manifested in the flesh at the River Jordan. John the Baptist had that special encounter with He to whom he had initially responded; He whom he knew to be his cousin, but in spite of this, He, whom he did not know. This personal encounter in John 1:32-34 is different from that which John experienced earlier from hearing the voice of Mary who was full of the Holy Spirit and who carried Jesus within her – “I myself did not know him, but God, who sent me to baptize, told me, ‘ You will see the Spirit coming down….’ Yes, I have seen! And I declare that this is the Chosen One of God!”


3. Why did you say that God is a businessman?  He is more of an accountant.

The speaker explained that it really does not matter what nomenclature you use to describe God – whether it be businessman or accountant.  The point is that God awaits the time when He will call in His investment and wants you to render account for what talents and gifts He has deposited within you.

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