25 Aug

Worship & Hearing the Voice of God – Day 3


At the start of each seminar, the speaker would check how many of us were able to observe quiet time with God and meditate upon the next three chapters in the Book of John. He stressed the need to be accustomed to reading scripture each day, privately, explaining that God has a word for us in the bible.  He went on to say that each of us had our name in the  bible so it was up to us to search for it through its pages when in solitude with God. Huh?!! Yes, we all know that the bible has rich content and is the manual for spiritual living but what was he talking about my name being in the bible?

He referred to  where God told Isaiah to remind Him of His promises made towards Him in Isaiah 43:26 Remind me of my Word” and another version says “Put me in remembrance.”

This reference to being reminded presupposes that there is something concerning you in the bible and we are to dig it out and remind God of His Word concerning that thing for us. It is similar to when your earthly father promises you that he would get you something and you would constantly remind him of that thing until he finally does. Can you imagine that out of the 7.6 billion people inhabiting earth, God has something to say about each of us in Scripture and He calls us to remind Him and speak up.

The speaker explained that God had revealed the names of his children to him during quiet time and there isn’t a day which goes by, when either he or his wife do not speak out the scripture concerning their children’s life over them.  He constantly reminds God of His Word concerning them each day and we are to do the same about ourselves.



He started off by explaining that God is a businessman who is constantly looking for profit. Now, I must confess that this at first, made God appear selfish to me which I know God cannot possibly be since He is love. Why would He constantly be looking for profit and not just love me for me?  What was wrong with God just staying afloat and breaking even? I also had troubles reconciling the image of Almighty God carrying a briefcase and going through his spreadsheet to balance his books over me, but as I listened further, it became clearer.

He explained that God does not invest in you if you do not give Him profit and that you are a partner with God in His business. He gave the example of a business with two partners where the other partner would always gives excuses concerning profitability and we all agreed that we would find a way to abandon such a partner or relegate him to another part of the business.  Well, God was not any different.

This is supported in Matthew 25:14-30 in the parable of the talents which is a scripture to which I hold close. I was at a point in my life where I was considering my purpose in the grand scheme of God’s plan for me and verse 29 jumped out to me –For to all who have, more will be given, and they will have an abundance; but from those who are unproductive, even what they have will be taken from them.”  I remember thinking – “How could this be – God’s gift given to me would be taken away if I did not put it into good use?”  This revelation marked the turning point in my life.

What has God given you that you are not using profitably for Him? What promises has He fashioned within you and for you that you are not bringing to birth? Romans 8:19 mentions that “all creation is eagerly expecting the birth in glory of the children of God.” This eager expectation for us to manifest ourselves and burst forth into what God has promised we would be is what all of creation awaits – the chair we are sitting on, the wall gecko scurrying across the wall, the soap with which we bathe, the bird which perches on the tree, the shoes which we wear – ALL ! All animate and inanimate objects seek our manifestation and spiritual birth.  It is as if all creation is holding its breath and as soon as we realize this and walk into our purpose, a huge sigh of relief can be heard rippling across the galaxies gasping “FINALLY!”

Paul in Ephesians 4:1-4  calls us to live the vocation we have received and as such, we must use the talents given, profitably and for God. God is waiting for us to manifest and we have been given everything we need to do this as assured in 2Peter 1:3

I have always wondered why some people are trapped in a victim mentality and it is clear to me now that they need not be if they only knew this. If God is waiting and indeed all of creation is awaiting your manifestation and if you have been given all you need in life, why would you have a defeatist mentality? You are not a victim! You have been given talents by God and it is only your lack of knowledge of God that prevents you from building upon it.  The more you know the God who has bestowed this gift to you and the more you cling and surrender to Him, the more you will rise above this victim mentality and remind God of His promises concerning you.



What has God said about you? What is He still saying about you? God has invested in you from the moment He  formed you in your mother’s womb and He has saved you for a purpose as said in 2 Cor 5:18. We serve a common good to produce a return on the investment God is expecting of us. It is no wonder that Paul acclaims in 1Cor 9:16 “Woe to me , if I preach not the Gospel!” That was his talent; that was the purpose for which he was born. At his realization of this, all creation breathed out a sigh of relief. He was no longer the persecuting Saul but the evangelist Paul – he had given birth to the promises God had said about him. Have you?

The speaker explained that those who engage in kingdom service understand the heart of worship.  Kingdom service need not be obvious.  It may be that you are an intercessor and before every mass celebrated by the priest, you have interceded for him to God for the sacrifice of the mass to be made acceptable to God or for the message preached to be incisive and penetrating to those in attendance.  Those unaware may attribute this to the oratory skill or experience of the priest, but the use of your intercessory gift would have greatly contributed to the bringing down of God’s presence at the mass. Your worship through the use of your gift brought  down the glory of God.

I have two active websites, one I call my kingdom website ( and the other I call my other website. This is not to down play the importance of the other which butters my bread, but it is to identify that all of us have been given a talent which we must use for kingdom service. Being a scribe is my kingdom service.  It was for this that I was born and woe to me if I scribe not!

Each of us has a talent and our kingdom work which must be done. Some of us are yet to realize what it is and all creation eagerly awaits for you to come into this knowledge.  Some of us have realized it but have explained it away saying that “it does not make sense.”  Some of us also have realized it but give in to procrastination as we give priority to our “non-kingdom work.”  Know ye now that our inability or unwillingness to use our talents profitably may lead us to the similar end of the servant in the parable. With every passing day of inactive use of our gifts, we fail to tap into the blessings that God has reserved for us and we fail to bring into fulfillment the promises God has reserved for us. Time is ticking away. God does not invest in you if you do not give Him profit. It is up to you…


As we make time for God in our moments of quiet reflection of His Word, may we remind Him of His promises made to us and may we be strengthened in our partnership with Him as we worship Him through the use of our gifts and kingdom work service. In Jesus name we pray. Amen.


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