17 Oct

Walking with God in 2016

Hello Brethren. I have been meaning to send this out but the events of January have been numerous. I thank God for settling me down to focus on what truly counts.  Our renewal day earlier this month was truly awesome and it was the perfect culmination to the novena.  I wasn’t able to attend all the 7pm sessions, but one message that touched me was that of “WALKING WITH GOD”  which was given by Sister Osas.  She started off the message by referring to Father Collins’ statement when he said that “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery and today is a reality.”  With that in mind, it would indeed make sense to START 2016 walking with God.

Reference was made to Amos 3:3 which asked “Do two walk together unless they have agreed?”  I had come across this passage a while back when my husband showed it to me and I realized that it was time to come up with a family mission statement and vision as companies develop, in order to move us forward as a family.  I encourage those who haven’t formed a family mission statement and vision to do so, as “walking”/ progress starts by first of all, agreeing to certain things as a unit.

On a spiritual level,  walking with God means that there must be an unconditional agreement to develop and deepen your relationship with God.  There must be an INTIMATE relationship with God. You must KNOW God and walk with Him.  First, we must decide – are we ready to walk with Him? When this question was asked, I ofcourse instinctively said “yes” but upon deeper reflection, it occurred to me that the action of  walking could be deeper.

As usual, I went to my default of going to the root of things. The Greek word is  “peripateo” which means  to make one’s way or to progress.  Interestingly, it also means to make due use of one’s opportunities. Now, can you imagine what will happen when we decide to peripateo with God? When we decide to progress with Him and when we make due use of our opportunities with Him by our side?  We would be totally unstoppable!!!

I then got curious as to what the Aramaic word for walk (“halak”) meant and this was translated into “to live.”  Walking with God here meant to regulate one’s life and to conduct one’s self.  That is to say, to live IN GOD, to regulate your life according to GOD, to conduct your life in line with God’s will.  So then I asked myself again? Am I ready to walk with God?  And now I ask you brethren – Are you ready to walk with God?

Sister Osas explained that the original plan for God was to walk with us as seen in Genesis 3:8 when he was walking in the Garden.  Unfortunately, due to Man’s disobedience, we hid from God and could not walk with him. Imagine, the God of all creation INTENDING to walk with me – as in…He shouts out my name and calls for me because He just wants to take a walk with me and spend time with me?!!!!   How dare I push Him away?  May God prevent us all from distancing ourselves from God’s original plan to walk with us in Jesus name. Amen.

Examples were given of people who walked with God to inspire us in our walk with Him this year.
1. Genesis 5:21-24 mentions Enoch who walked with God for 300 years in a time of immorality such as ours.

2.  Noah, Enoch’s great grandson in Genesis 6:9 who was described as a just and blameless man.

3. Abraham to whom God instructed in Genesis 17:1 “to walk in my presence and be without blame!” We all know that Abraham lived by faith and thus, he “halaked” if we are going by the Aramaic definition of walking.  Faith was explained to be a “supernatural gift that gives us access to the supernatural work and brings it to the natural.”  This ability to affect and influence our reality brought to the fore Father Collins’ quote again to me that “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery and today is a reality.”  Indeed, if we live in faith like Abraham and walk with God, we affect our reality today and our tomorrow becomes less mysterious. Praise God!

4. Jesus also walked with God and glorified Him by submitting to Him even unto death.  His Ministry saw Him always going to a quiet place to discuss with His Father and walk with Him.

5. Mother Theresa is a modern day example of those who walked with God and shows that is is doable nowadays.  Her selflessness showed that walking with God should never be about your self but about the greater good.

1. Faithful and committed: they were faithful and committed
2. hunger for God: they hungered for God and sought Him at all costs
3. lived righteous life:  they were blameless and had a right standing with God
4. lived by example
5. trusted and obedient : Noah took instructions in detail to the last letter and trusted God
6. love God unconditionally: they were never distracted by external things as we are nowadays by devices such as our phones and television sets

Sister Osas then drew our attention to the life of Enoch of which very little is known.  She asked why God took Enoch away and concluded by saying that sometimes God uses drastic examples to teach us what He loves most.   She then explained the testimony someone gave of seeing Enoch and Elijah but Elijah appearing more radiant that Elijah.  Elijah explained that the reason why Enoch appeared more radiant was that he always had his eyes fixed on God.  Because of this, God took him away and the radiance caused by his fixation upon God remained with Him after he was taken away.  She explained that how we live our lives on earth is how we will be when you die so we should try our best to prepare our heaven whilst we are here on earth and fix our eyes constantly on God in our walk with Him

-She mentioned that as a father he’s the head of the home and should lead the family in daily prayers

-He is to provide for the family’s needs.

-To provide wisdom  and direction in the home

-He must spend time with his family

-He leads by example like Joshua who vowed that he and his household will serve the Lord.

– must be submissive and respectful to husband

– pray for husband in his burden of leadership

– to support and be help mate

– to correct in love and encourage in the way of the Lord

– to study and not rely on cheating tactics
– avoid bad company (homosexuality / cultism)

– to work punctually
– to pray for employees
– to not be involved in gossip and to evangelise instead

–  obey parents so days will be long
– share experiences with parents
-pray always

– offer body as holy and living sacrifice

– not inflate prices /give false quotes
– offer good service

She gave the example of a bicycle having pedals and the need to take turns in rotating the pedals. We must allow God to have the first push for the bicycle to move and then we do our part and turn the next pedal.

1. We must have also make time to have a quiet time with God in order to dig deep in the power hour and meet God in his secret dwelling place of the Most High.  During this time, he reveals secrets about His Kingdom and His Will for us

2. We must be BROKEN since brokenness leads to total surrender and humility.  This brokenness is the end result of the process when God brings us to the END OF OURSELVES and where there is a complete “metanoia”/ repentance because it is not about you anymore.  We must come to the realization that we are nothing but clay in the potter’s hand and repent since we all know that God resists the proud.

3. We must trust and obey always as reflected in the Hebrew definition of walking which is a CONTINUOUS movement

4. We must pray in and out of season.

5. We must not take God for granted since His mercies are new every morning

6. We must renew our minds with spiritual CDs, TV programs, podcasts as advocated in Romans 12:2 for us to be transformed and walk with God.  By renewing our minds, we are building an Ark of Protection around our soul to pursue righteousness in our walk.

7. We must make our own personal development plan (PDP) and spiritual diet with the same focus that we plan our day, if not more.


Sister Osas mentioned that God desires our own good and when we walk with Him we receive multiple rewards as confirmation of His good will for us

1. protection of our household

2. fruitfulness in all we do and have

3. blessings upon us and our generation

4. assurance of being with God in heaven

5. peace of mind

She again stressed that the way we live on earth in our walk with God is the way we will enjoy in heaven – no more and no less!


She encouraged us to search and thirst for God with an ardent hunger in 2016.  As we do this, we would be able to do greater things. I have no doubt in my mind that this holds true.  I also realize that the more we hunger and yearn, the more obstacles get in our way, as the evil forces know that we are on the right path to conquer the world . Romans 8:28 assures us that all things work for good for those who walk with God and we must try our utmost best to imprint this assurance in our minds, in our subconscious as we break forth this 2016!  May God help us to walk with Him daily and have our eyes fixed on him in Jesus Mighty Name. Amen!

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