Glory be to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit. As it was in the beginning, is now and forevermore shall be. Amen

This is a popular short prayer said by Catholics. It is said so often that many tend to say it as a ritual completely missing the essence of it.

It is a prayer of praise. It is a prayer of worship. It is an acknowledgement of the 3 persons in One God which we call the Holy Trinity. These 3 persons consist of God the Father who created all things by the breath of His Word; God the Son who is that Word uttered which became Flesh and died for us after 33 years on this earth and God the Holy Spirit who is the love of the Father and the Son and who is with us always seeking to connect us in this unity of the Most High God.

The Holy Spirit is the connector as it brings us into worship. Worship is not simply gestures of bobbing up and down to music or falling flat on your face. It is a lifestyle that only the Spirit of God can being about upon you. It is a lifestyle of submission and abandonment. It is a lifestyle of emptying yourself of yourself and filling yourself up with someone greater than anything you can possibly conceive.

To worship is to recognize that you are an infinitesimal speck in the cosmic universe and yet the God who created all things and the numerous galaxies delights in you and wants to be with you at every point of your life.  Recognizing this unfathomable love that the Holy Trinity has for you is what makes you fall prostrate upon your face. It is what leads you to empty yourself to Him. It is what makes you want to be filled by Him who is all love.

When you are filled with this Love, you start to live the lifestyle for which you had been created from your mother’s womb. You start to worship. You start to have purpose as you exist in the Holy Trinity and are connected in this electrifying love of God and neighbor. You worship God for who He is and you start to see God in your neighbors and you worship Him even more for them. You cannot help but radiate joy. You realize that this joy differs from happiness since it comes from within and from the love which this lifestyle of worship has birthed in you.

You start to utter songs of thanksgiving for the little things which you had never noticed. You start to appreciate nature and all that God has created. You start to develop a sense of awe and reverence at the wonders of this God who has chosen to live in you through His Holy Spirit. You start to dig deeper into the spirit behind the words contained in the Bible because this Word is what created all life; it is what brought life into you.

You start to move from the external manifestation of worship seen in your lifestyle to an inner transformation. You start to worship and you start to become worship. All you need is to take that one step of surrender and of opening yourself up to the God who is all love and rich in mercy. Take that step.

Glory be to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit. As it was in the beginning, is now and forevermore shall be. Amen

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