They say time flies when you’re having fun. There is another instance when time flies – when the devil distracts.

John 10:10 says the devil comes “to steal, kill and destroy.” He comes to steal, kill and destroy what is our most prized possession on this earth -our time.

Why is it our most prized possession? Because it is given to us by God to fulfill our Purpose so we can join Him in heaven. We all have an assignment to do on earth and we must complete it if we are to reunite with our Heavenly Father.

What better strategy to snatch our souls than for the devil to persuade us that we still have more time? The devil does this gleefully as he steals time away by distracting us and injecting sloth into our being.

Sloth and distraction do not allow us to achieve our Purpose and to finish our Assignment. So much has happened over the past year in my life; so many messages received but none have been uploaded. Why?

Sloth and distractions.

I will do better. We all have to do better in these end times, if we are to “fight the good fight” and give record of the Assignment which God has given each and everyone of us to do. Welcome to 2022. Welcome to the Assignment. What has God told YOU about your Purpose this year? Go to Him in prayer – He beckons…

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