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The Essence of Adulam


Did you ever watch the movie “Back to the Future” with Michael J. Fox? My siblings and I enjoyed all 3 parts of it in the 1980s but little did I know that it would form the basis of a teaching on how to walk with God.  I went for a Kingdom Revival Conference which brought together all Christians to worship God and revive His Spirit within us in unity.  In one of the messages, the speaker mentioned that sometimes the secret to pressing on is to go back to the future.  Back to the future…

He started by referring to 1Kings 5:4 where Solomon is seen reaping the fruit of his father, David’s reign when he said “But now Yahweh my God has given me peace on ALL sides and there is NO ENEMY or CALAMITY that afflicts us.” The speaker pointed out that the increase of a government is often on the shoulder of a given son or daughter as seen in the birth of Jesus  in Isaiah 9:5 where “unto us a son is given.”  He stated that Jesus’ birth was not just to give people the gospel of salvation but also the gospel of the Kingdom which was to being people to heaven and heaven to people as captured in the Lord’s prayer -“Thy Kingdom Come.”



He drew the parallel between King David and Jesus by pointing out that both Jesus and David were born in Bethlehem which means the place of bread. He explained that Bethlehem was a metaphor for a season in life where we learn to be faithful in the natural.  We are to learn the natural before we learn the supernatural. There is an order to things.

The speaker referred us to 1Samuel 16:1 where God asked Samuel, “How long will you be grieving over Saul whom I have rejected as king of Israel?” There was a shift in the order of things which saw the sunset of Saul and the sunrise of the kingdom of David in an ordered process.  He stressed that we should not underestimate the process, for Jesus was seen to learn for 30 years, only to minister for 3 years. He mentioned that the process is necessary because we are to know what we used to be, but have not yet become what we are supposed to be.  

He explained that David was ripe to be chosen since he had a vision of his father’s dream which was sheep and was ready for an upgrade.  Indeed, when love and joy come out of your process, you are ready for your upgrade and the process is complete. He further explained that it is in secret places that you develop for God to give you his secrets and you eventually become what you worship.  The speaker stressed that nothing can overwhelm you if you learn to become overwhelmed by God and that we should study to learn how to become a lamb/sheep like David.  It is this studying that allows us to enter into God’s presence and draw anointing upon us like that of David, the shepherd and keeper of his father’s flock. 



The speaker mentioned 7 things needed to emulate David and slay the giants that arise in our own lives.

  1. SHOW UP: 

We need to actually show up and stand up for the fight against our Goliaths.  This reminds me of my initial actions of seeking out brethren who displayed more prominent gifts than mine, to pray for me or to manifest their gifts to address my issues.  It was only when I realized that I needed to show up with my own gifts first and address the issue first that the issues began to dwindle.  Once we show up, we find that the battle is almost won.



The speaker mentioned that the anointing of God’s Kingdom rests upon your alignment with the assignment God has given you. Your assignment is to stay within your lane, keep focused and burn your oil of intimacy. It is not to get distracted because the enemy wants to wear you out. This is something I am learning to do, as I often get lured to fighting whatever battle comes my way when really we should fight the right ones only and align ourselves to our Kingdom assignment.



This understanding is the clincher for me, as we are to learn God’s timing which is everything and purposeful.  Any act of ignoring His timing may have disastrous effects or cause unnecessary delays, as seen in the fate of David with Bathsheba.  David was at the wrong place at the wrong time when he was tempted by Bathsheba’s duty.  1Samuel 11:1 says it was spring “when kings usually set out to fight” which David hadn’t done; but instead he took a walk on the rooftop and “saw a woman bathing and the woman was very beautiful.”

Upon reading this, I thought “poor king, what kind of timing was that?”  Then when 1Samuel 11:5 reveals that Bathsheba is pregnant after the single encounter with David, I find myself wondering ” what are the chances of that happening and what kind of timing is that?” This is the effect of not heeding to God’s timing in our lives. David was not supposed to be at home but on the battlefield and his absence caused the evil one to put things into play. 



In order for us to emulate David and triumph over our giants, the speaker stated that family is key and our alignment with them.  I used to belong to the school of thought that religion was personal and all I needed to do was to attend mass and then go back home and pray to God.  This was until God opened my eye to understand that I was in no way being fruitful and that I would be cursed like the fig tree who was cursed even when it was not its season to bear fruit.  As a Christian, we are to bear fruit in and out of season and we are to align with God and His people in the church to advance His Kingdom as David did.

It when we align with God’s will for our lives and draw strength from our spiritual family, that we discover that our giants are actually dwarfs.



He pointed out that we needed to do less of whining and more of shining, as we tend to complain about our giants instead of shining in the face of them and being the light God called us to be in Matthew 5:14Indeed Numbers records the complaints and murmurs of the Israelites in their journey in the wilderness after being set free by Pharaoh, and how they were prevented from entering the promised land and realizing God’s promise upon their life. Never was it recorded that David complained about the task ahead of him in his Kingdom assignment and by such, he was victorious in many battles. 



When the speaker mentioned this, I was initially confused as I was not sure what covenant language meant. I knew what it could not be – using foul language;  but I wasn’t sure what it was.  He explained that David called Goliath in 1Samuel 17:26 an “uncircumcised Philistine who defies the armies of the living God” and in so doing, he understood his covenant with his God which assured him of victory.  This makes me question my attitude whenever I encounter difficulties and whether I reassert who I am  in Christ and come against them with the slingshot of the Most High God.



He explained that the right weapon of warfare is key and it may be wisdom, love, power or even peace and that these weapons may converge and become an effective single weapon against our Goliaths.  This choice of the right weapon reminds me of the armor of God which we are to wear in Ephesians 6:10-20 to fight our spiritual battles.  Not only are we to pick the right battles as earlier mentioned, but we are also to pick the right weapons.



The speaker went on to explain that after David’s victory over Goliath, he had to undergo a process. This was needed so that the ceiling of David could be the floor of Solomon as cited earlier in 1Kings 5:4. He stressed that David needed to understand how to usher in a new generation and learn how to honor God in a process which brought him to the cave of Adulam in 1Samuel 22:1-3. He was placed in a sunset which lasted for seven and a half years as he hid from Saul who sought his ruin.

He explained that we can find ourselves in this cave where everything appears wrong or nothing is wrong but something is not quite right either During this period in the cave, we are to draw closer to God and allow him to dissect us and be real to him.  Being real and open to God is vital since we need to have a culture to change a culture and so we must bare ourselves as David did.

He stressed that it is a process which needs to be undergone in every one of us and that we must be faithful in spite of our needs since man builds bridges but God builds valleys. He pointed out that in this cave, we get qualified to become disqualified, only to become qualified again but this time for God to begin His work in you. He also mentioned that 3 things get restored in your Adulam which are your identity, your dignity and your ability to dream. 



The speaker pointed out that when David was ready for his upgrade, God sent not few but 400 men to search him out and join him at his Adulam. There is something powerful about God preparing us for something greater and overwhelming us with his blessings and graces when he finds us ready. When we are ready we reassert our identity as children of God and His covenant people. When we are ready, we assert our dignity as heirs to the Kingdom of God. When we are ready, we are able to dream again and walk into our destiny as we move forward to achieve the vision of God’s kingdom.

He concluded by stressing that we should not rush the process of Adulam as it is an intimate period where we are x-rayed in our cave or closet to consolidate our strength, for God to take us to the next level. David started out in Bethlehem where he was faithful in the natural but he did not catapult to Zion instantly as we often seek to do, but went on to Hebron.

In conclusion, everyone has their Adulam and we may not advance until we learn its lessons.  It is there to form us and take us to the next spiritual level needed to bring forth God’s kingdom. It is my prayer that we learn to cherish the intimate time we have in the Adulam cave and in turn restore our identity, dignity and ability to dream in Jesus name we pray. Amen.


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    This has been very enlightening and enriching. Thank you for proclaiming ‘The Word’ God bless you

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    God bless you.

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