Today at fellowship was powerful.  A lot of us were returning from the Singles Day event so fellowship wasn’t as full but the Holy Spirit permeated the place as usual. I was a bit confused because we were supposed to hear a message on “Keep pressing on” but instead Brother Chiemezie gave us an exhortation which I would like to title “Speak it!”  The use of the exclamation mark is intentional as we will hopefully appreciate as we read on.

He started by referring us to Revelations 12:11They conquered him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony, for they gave up their lives going to death.”  He mentioned that the first part had already been done for us by Jesus’ Crucifixion and rising which showed His supremacy over death.  Once we accept Jesus and accept to cover ourselves with His Precious Blood, then we too have also conquered evil.
We must however, also conquer the evil one through our daily utterances; through what we testify and SPEAK. We must overcome the evil one through the word of our testimonies.  Now, if we recall in John 1:1 that “in the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God,” then the vital role of our testimony will dawn upon us.  As Chiemezie was talking, I was thinking about the fact that the Holy Spirit resides in me.  I was thinking about the Communion that I take at mass. I was thinking about the Word which became flesh residing in me and the awesomeness of His power blew me away.  So, I had the ruach breath of God within me…as in truly within me?  I had this creative power that hovered over the voidness of the earth before God SPOKE and spoke life and gave birth to ALL of creation?  Yes indeed, in the beginning was the Word and we shall overcome by this creative power found in the word of our testimonies!
Then we were led to Numbers 14:28 to the very utterance of God who stated and still states “As truly as I live, it is Yahweh who speaks, I will do to you what you have said in my hearing.” Chiemezie stressed the importance of this, explaining that God took this to heart so much that He even vowed upon His life which we know is never-ending.  This Word of His held true then and it holds true today. God will do what He hears you say and He says that He will do so AS LONG AS HE LIVES which we all know is forever. So, here we are not minding all manner of things that come out of our mouths and there God is listening to it all.  How many times do we profess good things?  Isn’t it time we start?  God will do what he hears us say which is comforting for those who testify positive things at all times BUT DAUNTING to those who allow fear and doubt and callous ideas permeate their mind only to find their way out in our utterances.  May God remove all negative words said by us over our lives and over the lives of our neighbors in Jesus name!!
Romans 10:10 was also drawn to our attention to stress the power of testimonies wherein it states that “By believing from the heart you obtain true righteousness; by confessing the faith with your lips you are saved.”  I started to wonder where exactly we should draw the line in this belief and in this testimony. When does this belief manifest into reality?
Then the testimony came as if to clear all my doubts. A testimony was shared about a believer wanting to purchase a house and he ended up speaking to this house which was beyond his financial reach. I thought I didn’t hear right – speaking the word of God upon a house and telling the house that it would become yours?  A sister at the fellowship could see the discomfort on my face.  Did God expect me now to speak to inanimate objects? By the time the testimony was shared of 2 people who actually got the house in this exact way by God arranging things in advance, my discomfort was waning. After all, it did make sense.  How else was one to activate God’s word if we did not speak it?  Did Jesus not control the elements and they obeyed Him?  Did we not have that same spirit? If He could command the waves to be still, why could we not command a house to become ours or why could we not command sand not to take away our loved ones until God’s appointed time for them?  Indeed, it made logical sense and besides logic, we had live people giving testimonies to this effect. I dare not become like those that Jesus was condemning who refused to listen to the prophets. I had 2 testimonies before me.  I had encountered God’s Spirit so surely, I could believe this and activate God’s word in my life by so following suit.
He referred us to John 15:7 where Jesus himself assures us that “if you remain in me and my words in you, you may ask WHATEVER you want and it will be given unto you.”  How absolutely amazing and comforting.  Jesus said WHATEVER, as in ANYTHING.  All we need do is remain in Him and have His words within us.  This condition is not mentioned in Numbers 14:28 where God vowed by His life.  It is as if God sends His son to remind us of the danger of straying away from God like the Israelites did and not remaining in Him.  Indeed, without God’s word being is in us, how can we have the power since God’s word IS power?  Now, do we see the key role played in reading God’s Word?  Now do we see the crucial role and power of receiving Holy Communion where God’s Word is physically EATEN UP by us just like Elijah ate the scroll in Ezekiel 3:1-5.  Oh Lord please forgive us where we have not remained in you and draw us closer to you as we strive to eat your word each day and partake in the Sacrament of the Eucharist in Jesus name!
We were made to understand through Chiemezie’s testimony that God has arranged all things through His Word and is simply waiting for us who call on Him to SPEAK HIS WORD into the situation. This utterance, this speech ACTIVATES HIS WORD and brings it to reality.  It makes inanimate objects and the elements obey us. It makes destruction and maladies depart from us. It brings positivity and allows us to bear fruit for God’s glory. God’s Word remains what it is – everlasting, creative and true. It is left to us whether we want to activate it or not. Jesus who is God’s Word made flesh echoes in Luke 21:33 “Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will not pass away.” How totally comforting and energizing. Please let us SPEAK IT and activate God’s word in our lives to LET HIS KINGDOM come and to recreate our world.
In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God.” Amen. SPEAK IT!

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