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What’s the first thing you think of when you hear the word “PROPHECY?” For some, they are filled with doubt and sarcasm which often leads to painting the prophet’s utterances in ridicule. For others, they are curious as to what words exactly are being uttered by such a prophet. While for others, they listen expectantly and attentively, to ponder upon the words thereafter. I belong to this third set of people. There are prophecies abound so how do you know which one is truly from God?

I recently heard a prophecy which I would like to share and which I would encourage us all to reflect seriously upon. It is about the new season that the chosen people of God are about to enter into according to God’s will to bring us to our rest and fulfillment. 2020 ends in a zero which is indicative of a rebirth and a springing forth. It speaks of things that have been pre-ordained for you which shall come to pass in your lives and also in the Church of God.

Decade of Generational Keys

It was revealed that the year 2020-2029 is a decade of rest. Within these next ten years, we are to be called to our destiny which will affect our generation. We were advised to study how to use the keys which we will be given in this season of generational keys. Revelational knowledge on the use of keys is vital since we are to know which doors to open and which to shut. We were referred to the importance of keys as seen in the key of David mentioned in Isaiah 22:22 and Revelations 3:7 which empowered David to open doors nobody could shut and shut doors, nobody could open.

Keys as a symbol of governmental authority is also seen in Matthew 16:19 where Peter was given the “keys of the kingdom of heaven” and the power to bind and unbind all things on earth, as would be done in heaven. This season of generational keys requires us to stop dwelling on the events of the past which may evoke feelings of pity or guilt or unworthiness. We must not engage in pity or regret, but arise from the ashes and get ready for the decade ahead.

It was revealed that the number 20 represents a wheel and a cycle whereby governmental authority is set upon us. During this decade, there shall be an individual ordination for us to rule over and make a kingdom for God. Thus, we cannot remain ordinary as we are given the keys to influence our generation. We are encouraged to seek and to wrestle for that key which opens the door and which clarifies our Purpose for this decade.

Season of Restoration – 5780

Just like the Gregorian calendar year ending in 20 which signifies cyclical fulfillment, so does its equivalent year 5780 in the Jewish calendar, ending in 80, signify restoration. We were told that we are in the season of restoration; a “Sampson season” where our hair and glory will regrow. We have been given a springboard in this season which gives us the advantage to bring about a generational change.

The action of Mother Mary at the wedding of Cana was mentioned in John 2:3-11 which acted as a springboard for Jesus into His ministry. We are to be watchmen like Mary who observed in spite of all the merriment abound and confusion, that the wine had run out at the wedding feast. It was her prompting to Jesus which brought about Jesus’ new dispensation and the new wine. We were encouraged to be like Mary and insist that there be new wine in this season to avoid all being shut down and to avoid shame coming upon our lives and the Body of Christ, the Church.

If we decide to be part of these chosen people, we shall be propelled by the fire of God to influence those we meet. God shall pull us out of the shadows and consecrate us by setting us apart. Your old foundation which may include your relationships and flaws will be revisited and you will find new expression for this season. This season is to bring you out of the pit so you can BECOME.

Governmental Authority

It was revealed that only those with authority can rule 2020. Authority is God’s Presence. Those chosen shall be the balm to give rest and peace by virtue of hosting God’s Presence and by extension, they shall have His authority. By 2029, we must be able to present to God a dispensation of the Gospel in whatever expression that has been placed in us, to be fulfilled. We were reminded that 10 years is enough time to bring about a generational change – Jesus had only 3 years.

We are warned to remain humble and to bear in mind that we are only pilgrims journeying towards heaven, during this period of authority when we are given this springboard. We were told to ride on this authority and to speak to the year for whatever we say, will come true in our lives.

We were also encouraged to seek the Bright Morning Star, Jesus Himself, who is the one ushering in this new season. Just as the planet Venus is at its brightest just before sunrise and seems to usher in the dawn, so has Jesus seen it fit to also usher us into this season of governmental authority where we will be given a new identity in Him.

Season of New Identity

We were reminded of the need for us to leave our old foundation behind in order to become. Zechariah 3:2-7 shows how satan was rebuked and the high priest Joshua was clothed in rich garments and given a clean turban on his head. We are given a new identity this season to restore God’s glory. God has taken away our filthy garments, clothed us in rich garments and given us a new identity for the work He has prepared for us to do. We need to ask God what this new identity is and obtain the generational key to work with it.


So, that was it. That was the prophecy. These are excerpts from Prophet Emmanuel Kure’s utterances in the October 2019 pilgrimage to Israel as summarized by Apostle Gbolahan at the Lekki Tower Prayer Meeting. We have a choice. There is a season and chance for everything and we are to be watchful of the seasons and the times. This next decade is an amazing season and we must key into the times.

We can decide to start 2020 with the same old expectations of a more productive year in this rat-race called life or we can look to God and seek His will in our lives during this amazing season of rest. I call it a season of rest because we are to rest in Him. He is inviting us and is set to give us the springboard and the generational keys. He is ready to endow us with a new identity basked in His glory. His Presence shall abide with us during this season and His Presence is true rest.

It all boils down to a choice. If you choose to respond to this prophecy of this season, join me in praying this: “Heavenly Father, please do not let me enter this season ordinarily. Lord make me into an authority as I cling to your Presence and as you bring me to my Purpose. In Jesus name we pray. Amen.”


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