17 Oct

John 2:1-8 Wedding at Cana

So I heard the coolest perspective on John 2:1-8 today which was today’s Gospel reading. The visiting priest led me to another interpretation of this 2nd Mystery of Light – the wedding at Cana.  The popular spin on this is that it is used to explain Mary’s role in interceding on our behalf to her Son, Jesus, who was not yet ready to perform any miracles, right?  Well, it goes much deeper than this.

Did you ever realize that Mary’s name wasn’t mentioned?  Scripture says “mother of Jesus.” Then another weird thing that always went down strangely with me whenever I read it, was the seemingly harsh reply Jesus gave his mother -“Woman, what concern is that to you and me? My hour has not come.”  I was always taken aback when I read this.  It was kinda like Jesus saying ” Chill out. Don’t disturb me woman!”  Well, the priest explained that this was because this marriage at Cana is also to be seen as a metaphor with the marriage reflecting God’s relationship that he has always had in the Old Testament with Israel who is His bride. By this time, I had to close my eyes to really focus on what the priest was saying. Yes, some people may have thought I was sleeping like they often do when I want to awaken my inner being,  but thankfully, I did not get any nudges to try and “wake me up” during the sermon.

So, this metaphor of marriage is symbolic because of the role that Jesus played in the wedding.  As we are aware, numbers in the bible are significant and there were 6 empty jars nearby as Scripture reveals. 6 is a number of imperfection and the jars were empty.  What did Jesus do? He instructed for them to be FILLED. He directed that these IMPERFECT number of vessels be FILLED. Then it hit me!! Wow!! The jars represented the Old Testament and the old ways and Jesus was TRANSFORMING the old into the new. He was making the imperfect perfect by filling it up; by filling US up. When Jesus encounters us, we are no longer the same indeed and we are like the imperfect vessels that are filled up when we encounter God through His Son.  Scripture stresses that the vessels were FILLED TO THE BRIM which reminds me of being full of grace and full of the Holy Spirit. Mary was full of grace. John the Baptist was full of the Holy Spirit.  When things are full, there is no place for anything else to enter. The Aramaic word for this is “malae” which means to accomplish/consecrate/replenish/satisfy/complete/ make whole.  Jesus fulfilled the Old Testament and manifested His transformative power. He also confirmed God’s marriage to His people by filling them up in their lack.

I then asked myself ” So, why didnt Jesus just ask the servants to bring in another vessel so it could be 7 which is the number representing perfection?”  The answer came to me – ” Because Jesus works with what is available; he works with our imperfections.”  Besides, it wouldnt really be perfect until the words “telestai” were uttered on the cross. I can just imagine another vessel suddenly appearing as the 7th vessel at Cana on the Ressurrection Day when all things were perfected by the shedding of His precious blood. Alleluiah!!

So, that’s one angle of the wedding feast that never hit me and I thank the visiting priest for leading me there today. Another area that he touched was the compassion of Mary which I could understand, as I always referenced this passage as an example of Mary’s intercessory role.  Mary pointed out to her son that “They have no wine” which could be another way of saying “They lack.”  We were told to ask ourselves how many times we are aware of the lack of those around us.  How many times are we so self-absorbed that we do not see the lack of those right beside us?  We were asked to open our inner eyes and be aware of the lack of those around us and to DO SOMETHING about it. This hit home again especially in this Year of Mercy and the spiritual and corporal works of mercy leaped out at me.  May God protect us from our own self-absorption and the singular focus on our needs in Jesus name. Amen!

Next time I meditate on the 2nd Mystery of Light, I will definitely look deeper at the metaphor and ask God to use me like the imperfect vessels and continue to fill me with knowledge of Him.  May God continue to shine His light upon us and grant us His Divine wisdom to know Him more each day in Jesus name we pray. AMEN!!

See you all at the vigil this Friday. It’s gonna be amazing!!  Have a blessed week walking with God…

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