17 Sep

Hearing the Voice of God – Day 1


So, the day finally came. I noticed that the hall was more full than the seminars on worship and I grinned as I identified with the hunger which led more people to attend this seminar series.  Who did not want to hear the voice of God?  How I wish that they had attended the previous seminars, however, as the speakers had gradually led us into how a worship lifestyle was a prerequisite to hear God’s voice.  Without true worship, voices could indeed be heard, but whose voices would those be?



The speaker started by explaining that God is spirit and that we too are spirit and pointed out that God always speaks but that there exists so much noise which distracts us from tuning into His frequency.  He mentioned Psalm 46:11 which tells us to “be still”; something which is a constant battle if you live and work in this megacity called Lagos.

He then referred to John 10:3-6 where Jesus says “the gatekeeper opens the gate…the sheep hear his voice as he calls his own sheep,” which suggest that the gatekeeper, who is God, speaks.  The sheep which is us, can hear God speak and as a result of this, the sheep follow Him.  Imagine yourself now, being in a pasture as a sheep grazing, when you hear a voice call you.  As a sheep, what do you do?  You follow this familiar voice. Why?  Because it is almost as if you can touch this voice due to its familiarity and tangibility. John 1:14  refers to the Word becoming flesh and dwelling amongst us which suggests that the Word is a tangible thing and not simply an arrangement of airwaves.

This constant state of God talking is stressed again in the way God makes known things to us as seen in Job 33:14 where it says “God gives a warning but does not repeat it a second time.” In Amos 3:7, it is noted that “Yahweh does nothing without revealing his plan to his servants, the prophets” so here again we see that God speaks, as God also seeks to warn us and guide us in our affairs.

In the call of Isaiah in Isaiah 6:8, we see again that God speaks when Isaiah observed “Then I heard the voice of the Lord, ‘Whom shall I send’?”  As the speaker continued, I couldn’t help but get a bit impatient. Yes, we all knew that God speaks, but most of us at the seminars were either seeking to know whether God speaks to them and if he does, how would we be sure it was really Him?

Then  I stopped and wondered – perhaps, I was jumping to conclusions.  Who said that all people believed that God speaks. Some people actually don’t believe and that is why the speaker was referring to several passages in the bible to evidence the fact that God speaks. Indeed, I still find it hard to believe that some people still hold on to the belief that God does not speak or that even if He did,  it was something that happened in ages past but which no longer happens.

My prayer for them is that God have mercy upon them and reveal Himself to them personally so as to erase all doubt as to the authenticity of His spoken words. In Jesus name, we pray. Amen.


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