26 Feb

We have a lot of work to do brethren. I have pasted below some excerpts from a workshop we had on ANOINTED MESSAGES.  Let our tongues be like FIRE!


  1. Worthless messages: they act like sleeping pills
  2. Wordless messages: they hardly refer to the Bible
  3. Directionless messages: they are from lazy ministers
  4. Impactful/ anointed messages: they transform lives

Teachers must have a serious approach to standout in the Ministry and observe the following:

  1. Uncompromising holiness (ISAIAH 52:11)
  2. Enroll in the school of the Holy Spirit
  3. Develop an uncommon passion for the Kingdom of God

4.Follow the anointed physically/ reading CDs/ reading books/ planting an upward seed        in ministries of men of God (HEBREW 6:12 )

  1. Engage in consistent teaching and preaching
  2.  Desire the anointing with passion



  1.      1. He influences the earth with the culture of Heaven
  2.      2. He is an envoy sent to earth to enforce the will of his King
  3.      3. He is sent for a message and is an apostle with a definite calling


TASK OF MINISTERS (EPHESIANS 4:11-13)  (Greek word  katartizó)

  1.     1.  to EQUIP people which is different from the task of a PREACHER
  2.     2.   to edify/ build up the body of Christ
  3.      3. to raise people to perfection


CONCLUSION: ask yourself the following and move yourself into ACTION

  1. Who is the Holy Spirit to you? (Comforter/ Guardian etc)
  2. What can I do so I can deliver anointed messages


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  • Stephen Felix

    Amazing read. I particularly liked when you pointed out that a minister is different from a preacher because many assume they are the same. All preachers are ministers but not all ministers are preachers. Merry Christmas and a Happy New year to you all.

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